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David Saxe of SAXE LAW LLC To Present At Upcoming Chicago Area Therapist Networking Event

Many therapists have clients who have struggled to be their own advocate within the school system or have worked with parents who become easily overwhelmed by the daunting process of how to get their child's’ educational, and/or emotional needs met within their school. David’s presentation will focus on various aspects of education law. He will help participants differentiate between a 504 plan and an IEP to identify the key differences to better help us understand what to recommend for our clients seeking educational support.

David will discuss the Response to Intervention initiative (RtI) and how to assist parents in requesting an evaluation while their child is involved in an RtI process. The presentation will address the rights to children with disabilities and discuss recent case law implications. He will also highlight key questions parents should ask during an IEP meeting to ensure progress is being measured and accounted for within the school setting.

Please join us for this highly informative and important presentation to increase your knowledge and ability to provide more thorough and informed recommendations for your clients, their families and the school personnel with whom you work.

This event is for Psychotherapists who are interested in networking. It is limited to 50 registrants and will fill up quickly.

Most mental health practitioners understand that networking and marketing are vital components to the development and maintenance of a clinical practice. Our livelihoods rest on our ability to bring in new clients, receive referrals and develop strategies to create revenue-generating services. Think about it: How many times has someone mentioned another therapist's name and you had no clue who they were?

Because there are so many of us who are unintentionally disconnected from the greater mental health community, Clinical Care Consultants is sponsoring psychotherapist networking events. Clinical Care Consultants has successfully sponsored this event for over seven years. It is an ideal place for Chicago and Chicago Suburban-area therapists to meet, get to know each other, and network. We are proud of this event. It has resulted in many new professional relationships as well as a mutual exchange of referrals.

The 2-hour event will be scheduled approximately every three months. A continental breakfast will be served. The typical meeting will consist of greeting and socializing, introductions, scheduled presentations from members, trainings about marketing and networking and more networking. Guest speakers will be invited.

This event will take place at the Alcott Center at the Buffalo Grove Park District at 530 Bernard Drive in Buffalo Grove. For further information, please email