Bill Amending Emancipation Of Minors Act Sent To Governor

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Upon turning 18, a child in Illinois reaches the age of majority and is emancipated or released from the custody and control of his or her parents or guardian. Under current Illinois law, a special emancipation of a minor child between the age of 16-18 may be entered if neither the “mature” minor nor the minor’s parents object, and the minor proves the ability to manage his/her affairs and has lived completely or partially independently from his/her parents.

House Bill 2256, which was sent to the Governor for signature on July 14, 2019, amends the Act by providing that parent or guardian objection is no longer a complete bar to a minor child’s request to become emancipated. Rather, a special emancipation order may be entered over a parent’s or guardian’s objection but only after a hearing and finding that emancipation would be in the minor child’s best interests.

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